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Tech Specs

Main Theatre:

FOH Speakers:
(8) Grundorf Custom Line Array Elements
(8) Grundorf GT-LPB-36CX Dual 18″ Sub Cabs
(22) EV SL12-2v Fill and Delay also used for cinema*



 Amplification and Control:
Rack 1:
(4)  QSC RMX2450

(3)  QSC PLX3602

(2)  QSC RMX5050

(1)  DBX Drive Rack 260

(1)  Behringer UltraDrive Pro DCX2496 Backup

(1)  Monster Power Pro 3500 Power Conditioner

(1)  Alpha Server 4100 Digital Rack Management System

(1)  Dell Poweredge 860 Server

FOH Console And Out Board Gear:

APB DynaSonics  Spectra-C/Ci48+4P

48CH Mono with 8 stereo

10 Aux with 8 VCA’s

Rack 3:
(1) DBX-1231 EQ

(3) DBX-231 EQ

(1) DBX-2231 EQ Main SYS

(1) DBX-1231 EQ

(1) Klark Teknik Square ONE Dynamics – 8-Channel Dynamics Processor

(2) Furman Power Conditioner

(1) Lexicon MX200 Reverb Unit

(1) Yamaha REV 500 Reverb unit

(1) TC Electronic M1 XL Reverb Unit

(1) DBX-266xl  Compressor/Limiter/Gate

(2) DBX-166xl Compressor/Limiter/Gate

(1) Drawmer DL241 Compressor/Gate

(1) Drawmer MX30

(1) DBX-160XT Compressor

(1) Presonus ACP-22 Compressor/Gate

Monitor System:

(6) Grundorf GT-1202M

(8) Yamaha CM15v

(2) McCauley AC288 Dual 18 Subwoofer

(2) JBL MRX 518s Drum Subwoofers

6 Channel Mix for Monitors. Expandable on request
Monitor Mixing Console available with emailed request minimum 3 weeks before show, with advance Budget approved

Mic Inventory:

(12) Shure SM57 (6 with Drum Mounts If Needed)

(5)   Shure SM58

(1)   Audix i5

(3)   Sennheiser e609

(3)   Sennheiser e604

(2)   Shure Beta58

(1)    Sennheiser MD421

(1)    Sennheiser E602

(2)    Shure Beta52

(2)    Rode NT5

(9)    Passive DI Boxes


Stage Dimensions:
Stage has curved front
Height: 52 Inches
Down stage width: 36 Feet
Upstage width: 28 Feet
Depth:19 Feet

Ceiling:  25′ high

Theatre lighting system:
Practical System:
(24) Par64 Cans 600 watts
(6) Par38 LED Wash
(4) 2000 Watt Neon System Ceiling washes
(2) Hungaroflash Quasar Pro Storbe Lights
(1) Martin Magnum Hazer
(1) ETC 1.2KW Dimmer Rack 12ch
(4) Eurolight 1.2kw Dimmer Rack 6ch
Intelligent Lighting System:
(4) Accuscan 250
(2) Accuspot 250 /2

Control Consoles:
Freestyler/Magic Q Computer Control
(2) Monitors 1 is ELO touch
Eurolight 24ch Light Control Board
Rigging Systems: Motorized Truss front of house and side stage truss work back of stage, Motorized Truss Up Stage

Projection Systems:
(1) Strong Luxarc 2500 Lamp house 35 Mm Projector
(1) Eiko HD Projector system for digital projection system
(1) 22� tall by 35� wide main video screen
(1) 12�tall by 16� wide screen movable

Rye Room Specs:

(2) UB2020 Main Speaker
(2) Dual 15″ subwoofers
(1) Allen Heath GL2400 32 Channel
(1) DBX 231 EQ Mains
(1) DoD 430 EQ Monitors
(1) Drive Rack
(3) QSC Rmx 2450
(1) QSC Rmx 850
(1) QSC CX404 For Monitors
(2) Compressor Gates
Stage Spec. 21Ft wide By 9Ft Deep By 1Ft Tall … Ceiling IS 8 Ft tall at lowest Point.
Led Front Stage Lighting.

Load Centers And Company Power Boxes:
(2) 200 Amp Power Panel Sound
(1) 200 Amp Power Panel Lights
(1) 200 Amp Power Panel Tour Power with Cam Locks and 100amp single Phase tie ins
(1) 200 Amp Power Panel Sound with Lug Tie In Available.
(1) 800 Amp Company Panel
(10) 20 Amp Stage Receptacles
(3) 50 Amp 220v Receptacles 1 receptacle available at Sound Console
(1) Socaplex 19 pin Output with 6 20 amp Circuits for extra on-stage lighting

Liquor License
Two Full Service Bars Main Floor
One Bar Balcony Area for Special Events use.
No Noise Restrictions

Load in /Parking:
1415 O Street, Lincoln, NE main building address
Main stage load in- From O St. turn south onto Centennial Mall South. Turn right down first alleyway. Proceed to middle of alley and look for Bourbon Theatre on alleyway doors. Let management know you have arrived so doors can be unlocked. vailable in the alleyway of our building , we must pull permit to block off alley. All other parking is available on O St with parking on connecting street and several parking garages.

For any tech questions contact Chris Johnson.