Wed, 25 Mar 2015 19:42:11 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Earthstock featuring Icky Blossoms Wed, 25 Mar 2015 19:42:11 +0000 aaron Friday, April 17th
featuring Icky Blossoms
w/ John Klemmensen and the Party
Doors: 7 p.m. || Show: 8 p.m.
18 and up || $8: Advance || $10: Day of Show

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E-40 Wed, 25 Mar 2015 15:00:00 +0000 aaron Thursday, May 21st
w/ Stevie Stone, Cool Nutz, Necessary
Doors: 7 p.m. || Show: 8 p.m.
All Ages || $35: Advance || $40: Day of Show
Tickets On-Sale Friday, March 27th @ 1 p.m.


Twitter | Facebook | Video

With millions of records sold, nationwide sold out shows, loved by both the streets and respected amongst his peers, without question E-40 continues to reign supreme. Empowering a familiar cliché that states, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” the Revenue Retrievin’ series continues and the most underrated rapper returns with two brand new albums entitled “Revenue Retrievin’ Graveyard Shift” and “Revenue Retrievin” Overtime Shift.” March 29, 2011 will mark the release of the 15th and 16th albums from one of the biggest rap artist to come from the west coast. Artists T-Pain, Tech N9ne in addition to E-40’s bay area conglomerate Guce, Black C of RBL Posse, Laroo, Turf Talk, Cousin Fik, J. Stalin and The Click all grace the forth coming albums. E-40 and his son Droop-E who also raps and produces will once again share Executive Producer credits on both albums.

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Ro Hempel Band Tue, 24 Mar 2015 21:43:16 +0000 aaron Saturday, May 2nd
w/ A Ferocious Jungle Cat, We Be Lions
Doors: 8 p.m. || Show: 9 p.m.
$5: 21 and up || $7: 18 and up

Facebook | Video

Formed in 2013 and hailing from the heart of the Midwest, this Nebraska quintet will keep you moving and entertained with a solid mix of original reggae, rock, ska and funk. All players, including Ro Hempel, Jeff Johnson, Christian Bandiola, and brothers Evan and Nate Royuk come from different established local bands and musical backgrounds to make up what is now RHB. With a wide variety of influences, each member brings a different dynamic to the band and keeps the sound versatile and fun. The high energy live performances and smooth, easy listening tunes are gaining the attention of people all over the country. Ro is set to release his debut solo record entitled the ‘Two Shots ep’ produced by Miles Brown of 77 Jefferson in March ‘14. RHB will also be performing at many festivals this season, one being the highly anticipated Wakarusa Music Festival in Arkansas in June. Excited for the opportunity to spread their music to listeners of all ages and areas, and with a heavy summer schedule being put together, the excitement is high and the possibilities are endless. Make sure to be on the lookout for the new record and come catch a vibe at one of the shows in your area!

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The Boxmasters ft. Billy Bob Thornton Sun, 22 Mar 2015 17:53:29 +0000 aaron Thursday, April 23rd
Doors: 7 p.m. || Show: 8 p.m.
All Ages || $28: Advance || $35: Day of Show
$65: Meet and Greet

Website | Facebook | Video

The Boxmasters were formed long ago when W.R. ‘Bud’ Thornton went in to a fast food chicken restaurant in Bellflower, California and got in an argument with the young man working the counter over a coleslaw incident. That young man was J.D. “J.D.” Andrew. The incident turned out to be a misunderstanding and the two had a laugh about it and they became fast friends. They started hanging out together and eventually discovered that they had both come to California in search of the big time in the world of ELECTRIC HILLBILLY Music, W.R. ‘Bud’ from Hot Springs, Arkansas and J.D. from Gypsum, Kansas. They also shared a love of 60’s pop and rock music and the 60’s in general. They decided to combine those things and form a band. But, they needed at least one more member.

J.D. knew a talented, lead guitar player named Micheal Wayne Butler from Brattleboro, Vermont. They formed ‘The Boxmasters’ and rehearsed for months in J.D.’s apartment or ‘Flat’ as the British Invasion groups called it. They played small club dates around Bellflower, Long Beach, Hawthorne, Downey, Southgate and even as far as the Inland Empire as well as a couple of shows in Tecate, Mexico. And so the Boxmasters were born. What happened between now and then is somewhat hazy, but all you need to know is they finally landed a great record deal with Vanguard Records. W.R. ‘Bud’ Thornton handles the lead and background vocals and drums and tambourine. J.D. plays electric and acoustic guitar and bass and sings background vocals with Micheal Wayne on electric guitar and lap steel.

They had one problem, which was, when playing live they needed more people to make all the racket they had made on the record. So, they started recruiting. W.R. had played in bands for years, so he snagged some of the old gang. He got Bradley ‘Brad’ Davis of Fort worth, Texas for mandolin, guitar, and background vocals. He and Brad had done solo projects together along with Teddy ‘ZigZag’ Andreadis who handles harmonica, organ and accordion (he’s Greek) and Mike ‘Bubba’ Bruce who plays drums live so W.R. can sing out front with the public. Bubba is an old friend from Alabama who is actually responsible for the name Boxmasters. More on that later. After the band was good and tight they still knew one thing was missing. Even though this was to be A 60’s band, it was still Hillbilly music. They had to have a steel guitar player. They asked around and after W.R.’s conversation with his old buddy Stephen Bruton they were lucky enough to get a guy from Baltimore named Marty ‘Riff’ Rifkin who plays steel guitar like nobody’s business.

Then the original Boxmasters, W.R. ‘Bud’ Thornton, J.D. ‘J.D.’ Andrew and Micheal Wayne Butler could make their records and play whatever they wanted and have enough band fellas to play it all live. Teddy, Riff and Brad have all made contributions on the record as well. Bubba has his own combo in Atlanta that he keeps busy with when not touring with the Boxmasters. The boys include among their main influences, Michael Nesmith, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, the great bands of the British Invasion, The Monkees, The Wilburn Brothers, and Dell Reeves.

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UNL Ecuador Presentation Sun, 22 Mar 2015 15:55:40 +0000 aaron Thursday, April 9th
Doors: 6 p.m. || Josh Hoyer & the Shadowboxers: 6 p.m.
Ecuador Presentation: 8 p.m.

Silent print auction to benefit Ecuadorians in need.

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Gregory Alan Isakov @ Knickerbockers Sat, 21 Mar 2015 17:45:26 +0000 aaron Thursday, April 23rd
w/ Nathaniel Rateliff
Doors: 7 p.m. || Show: 8 p.m.
18 and up || $20: Advance

Gregory Alan Isakov

Website | Facebook | Video

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and calling Colorado home, Gregory Alan Isakov has been traveling all his life. Songs that hone a masterful quality beyond his years tell a story of miles and landscapes, and the search for a sense of place.

Music has been a stabilizing and constant force. “I’ve always had this sense about music and writing that I sort of have to do it. Like I’ll implode without it. I probably wouldn’t do it if I felt any other way.”

His song-craft lends to the deepest lyrical masterpieces, with hints of his influences, Leonard Cohen and Bruce Springsteen. He has been described as “strong, subtle, a lyrical genius,” but the source of his writing often remains a mystery to him. “My songs have nothing to do with me; they have a life of their own. A lot of times I won’t know what a song is about when I’m writing it. It just has a certain feeling about it.”

Isakov has played numerous music festivals and venues across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. When he is not on the road or writing, he is usually in his garden. A degree in horticulture might seem contradictory to a life spent in motion, but Isakov finds balance in the quiet concentration of the work, creating roots that keep him connected to home.

His new album, The Weatherman, was recorded mostly in solitude outside the quiet mountain town of Nederland, Colorado over the course of a year and a half. “I wanted to make something that felt genuine. We recorded everything with analogue gear and mixed it on tape, which gives the songs a raw and vulnerable feeling.”

The title Isakov chose for the record reflects the nature of his external surroundings as much as his inner experiences. References to the weather are a reoccurring theme in Isakov’s writing, but there is a deeper meaning behind the name.

“To me, the idea of a weatherman is really powerful. There’s a guy on television or on the radio telling us the future, and nobody cares. It’s this daily mundane miracle, and I think the songs I chose are about noticing the beauty in normal, everyday life.”

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LiL Boosie Badazz Sat, 21 Mar 2015 03:23:59 +0000 aaron Wednesday, May 27th
Doors: 7 p.m. || Show: 8 p.m.
ALL AGES || $45: Advance || $50: Day of Show

Lil' Boosie

Twitter | Facebook | Video

Originally known as Lil' Boosie, Boosie Badazz's hard Southern style comes from growing up in one of Baton Rouge, Louisiana's more notorious neighborhoods, one that was known for drugs and gunplay. Not having his father in his life was another challenge, but things began moving in a positive direction when Boosie immersed himself in basketball. It looked like it could be his ticket into college, but getting involved in drugs got him kicked out of high school. He turned to rapping and eventually hooked up with C-Loc. An appearance on C-Loc's 2000 effort, It's a Gamble, became Boosie's debut. He soon released the full-length CD Youngest of da Camp on his own. His big breakthrough began when he joined Pimp C's Trill Entertainment camp. He was paired with fellow Trill artist Webbie for the 2003 release Ghetto Stories and again for 2004's Gangsta Musik, which featured the first appearance of Webbie's future hit "Give Me That." Trill then worked a deal with the Warner Bros.-associated Asylum, and both Webbie and Boosie were now on a major label. Webbie released his album in 2005; Boosie's landed in 2006. Titled Bad Azz, the release featured Yung Joc, Pimp C, and Webbie as guests. The Bad Azz DVD soon followed, featuring interview footage where Boosie explained the drug-related death of his father and revealed his own battle with diabetes. Late in the year, the Streetz Is Mine mixtape appeared in cooperation with DJ Drama. His slick album Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz landed in 2009 along with the single "Better Believe It." The next year, Boosie followed up with Incarcerated, which was issued while he served time for drug possession. After his 2014 release from prison, he changed his name to Boosie Badazz and was featured on several tracks, including ones by Jeezy ("Beez Like") and T.I. ("Jet Fuel"). He also issued Life After Deathrow, a mixtape, as a free digital download. The proper album Touchdown to Cause Hell was planned for a February 2015 release date on Atlantic. ~ David Jeffries, Rovi

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Saving Abel Tue, 17 Mar 2015 22:16:13 +0000 aaron Thursday, May 7th
Doors: 7 p.m. || Show: 8 p.m.
18 and up || $15: Advance || $18: Day of Show


Saving Abel

Website | Facebook | Video

Since 2008 Saving Abel has embodied the definition of “Southern Rock.” Even before their “Self Titled” debut LP, they were barnstorming the country making fans everywhere they went, just by being themselves. Simple, down home, charming, country-boys with immeasurable talent that was destined to take them straight to the top. The band was signed by A&R wizard Jason Flom to Capitol records and their first single, “Addicted” did just that, reaching number one on several charts and the follow-up singles “18 Days” and “Drowning” helped sell over 750,000 copies of their debut album. They toured heavily in support of this album, playing with Buckcherry and Avenged Sevenfold, and later on Nickelback, in arenas across North America. Night after night, the boys would go back to the bus with their ears ringing from 15,000 fans screaming their lyrics.

Knowing that they would need something great to follow up with, the boys set out to write their sophomore album on Capitol, “Miss America.” Topping the Active Rock and Hard Rock charts yet again with “Sex is Good” and “Stupid Girl” solidified Saving Abel’s place both on the radio and live. Setting out on their own tour this time, Saving Abel headlined theaters around the country for almost 2 years non-stop. They toured with several artists and made a lot of friends along the way, but always kept their focus on the fans, and their eyes toward the future.

Jason Flom left Capitol and the band did as well. The band signed to a new major label and the band didn’t want to fall into a rut of making the third album sound like the first two, Saving Abel returned to their Mississippi origin, adding a depth and soul that could only come from their country roots. Using banjos, mandolins, and a healthy helping of moonshine, Saving Abel went into the studio with a mission to stick with “what they know best,” and wrote an emotional, soulful record that was still rooted in rock-n-roll, but highlighted their classic country roots. Listening to “Bringing Down The Giant” was as reminiscent of Hank Williams as it was of Elvis Presley. In hindsight the album was probably a little self-indulgent and while songs like “Constantly” and “Pictures of Elvis” highlighted their softer side and amazing song writing ability, the label and band had creative differences over what to release as a first single and the label won, the result being a mildly successful rollout and the label all but abandoned the band, leaving them in the unusual predicament of not knowing what to do next.

The next steps were difficult and profound but in the end proved liberating on numerous levels. First the band parted ways with their label and publishing company, those splits were followed by a split with their management, business management and booking agent. The band then hired former Creed, Sevendust, and Paramore manager and Silent Majority Group / ADA label president Jeff Hanson. Hanson brought in new lead singer Scotty Austin and new drummer Steven Pulley, a new booking agent, fan relations manager, business manager, merch company, and radio promotion team and finally enlisted a new producer, former 12 Stones guitarist and songwriter Justin Rimer. “Bringing in new faces wasn’t done because we were unhappy with the previous team’s performance, I just felt like we should surround ourselves with people who wouldn’t be disappointed if we didn’t have a gold or platinum record. Those are benchmarks that are much more difficult to achieve than they were 5 years ago and are honestly unrealistic expectations for anyone.” Says Hanson. Hanson then helped the band form their own label in order to move forward on their own terms. The new label was named Tennessippi Whiskey Records based on the fact that the all of the members of the band are from Tennessee and Mississippi and are known for their moderate but very public Jack Daniels consumption Ditching the tour bus and getting back in a van in order to afford the recording of a new record on off days from their perpetual tour, along with a renewed focus on their live performances and spending time in person and on the internet with their fans, the band saw a resurgence in fan attendance at shows and the number of people following the band on their social media sites.

With the addition of new members Scotty Austin and Steven Pulley to the existing core of Saving Abel Jason Null, Scott Bartlett, and Eric Taylor, the result of this new lineup and independent attitude of the band has been amazing. “There is so much excitement being generated on a nightly basis by the fans based on their love of Scotty Austin, it makes it seem like it is 2008 again and we are about to blow up again, and I can’t believe this level of excitement exists all over again” says founding member and guitarist Jason Null. Null also goes on to say… “Scotty has an autistic child, and seeing the sacrifices he makes every day to make a life for his son makes it a lot easier for me to get back in a van and play smaller venues without complaining after I spent years in arenas on a bus, him being here really has changed the way all of us view what we do.” Scotty Austin… “I spent years playing cover gigs, singing 4 hours a night, this is literally a dream come true for me. Playing every night to fans that came to hear and sing along to songs that these guys and I wrote, I could never get tired of it. It also gives me a small platform to try to draw awareness to Autism, if nothing more comes of this than to make my son’s life just a tiny bit better, it will have been worth it. I can’t thank these guys enough for giving me this chance.” Steven Pulley… “Scotty and I literally quit our day jobs the day we were called about being in this band. We were blown away that a nationally recognized band like Saving Abel, who could have gotten any players in America to replace their leaving members, would actually prefer to have a couple of guys like us mainly because we were guys from a small town (Jackson, TN) with big dreams. We basically left home, went on the road, and loved every minute since. Knowing what’s coming on this record, we are definitely living a dream.”

The new songs from their forthcoming album Blood Stained Revolution mirror the new energy and attitude of the band. The songs themselves are mostly uptempo and upbeat and pay homage to all of the bands we love, Guns and Roses, Tool, and The Allman Brothers. The album is absolutely a continuation of founding member Jason Null’s mainstream southern rock hit writing abilities but with an amazing added energy similar to that of Mick Jagger or Scott Weiland being provided by Scotty Austin. The band is also eager to note that the new album is the first album on which all of the band members were able to participate in the creative process. On the first three albums the creative process was partially controlled by outside factors but on this album it seemed as though the floodgates were open because there were no limitations or interferences and everyone in the band was asked to contribute the ideas that had been percolating among the members for years that they hadn’t always been able to share. Jeff Hanson says… “ I am a huge southern rock fan and Scott Bartlett’s solo album and the Trash the Brand album, Scotty Austin and Steven Pulley’s previous band together, are two of my favorite albums, so having them contribute to the song writing on this album has made a huge difference and in my mind sets it apart from previous Saving Abel records. The fact that there were no time constraints this time and the record was basically written on the road seems to have allowed the band to write when they wanted to as opposed to writing when they had to. It’s fun not forced.”

The upcoming release will be released on November 11, the date was aptly chosen because by the band because it is Veteran’s Day. Individually and collectively Saving Abel and its members have always been incredible supporters of the amazing men and women in the US Armed Forces. “18 Days,” “Drowning", and “Miss America” were all written and dedicated to the US Military. Since 2009, Saving Abel has had the honor of being invited and traveling to play for the troops in some of the most remote and dangerous places in the world. …Iraq, Qatar, Cuba, Japan, and India just to name a few. No matter where they are or what they are doing, no matter if it’s 5 minutes to show time, the boys in Saving Abel will ALWAYS stop what they are doing to acknowledge and thank a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine. Scott Bartlett states “ It’s amazing that we now feel unencumbered by the confines of the traditional music business to the point that we can release our album on a date of our choosing, We were actually told that we were crazy to be releasing a new record in the 4th quarter, but it is actually a statement for us, to release this album on our own terms, when we want and how we want. At the end of the day all that matters is our music and our fans and what time of year it is isn’t really a part of that equation. We’re celebrating Veteran’s Day with a new record and that’s awesome!”

Saving Abel has no plans to slow down and has dates booked into 2015 and further. The band is still in the van and is starting a “Pledge Music” campaign to try to auction off some unique and special VIP experiences in order to be able to get back in a bus again. With the pre sale of the new album, the band will be offering additional add on packages that include fishing and BBQs with the band, guitar lessons, and to allowing fans to perform on their next record.” It’s all about finding that balance between enjoying your fans, family and friends and having a business that allows you to play music for a living, if we can go fishing and have meals with our fans and it helps us be able to stay on the road, we’re all for that, hopefully we can do this forever” says bassist Eric Taylor.

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Dizzy Wright’s The Growing Process Tour Tue, 17 Mar 2015 17:37:44 +0000 aaron Friday, June 5th
Funk Volume and Crown OG Presents:
Dizzy Wright's The Growing Process Tour
w/ Jahni Denver
Doors: 7 p.m. || Show: 8 p.m.
All Ages || $20: Advance || $22: Day of Show

Website | Facebook | Video

Not many 21-year old rappers can say that they’ve been rapping for over a decade. The Las Vegas-based rapper began rapping at just 8 years old with the group “DaFuture” with his brother and very close friend – his mother wrote his raps at the time. “My Mom was like Joe Jackson,” says Wright, “She was a concert promoter so I was exposed to the music industry early – we even did youth reporting at major awards shows like the BET Awards.”

At 17-years old with several years of experience Dizzy decided to take his rap career seriously. Formerly known as Dizzy D Flashy, Dizzy was a winner on BET’s “Wild Out Wednesdays,” winner of the Sheikh Music “Rip the Mic” Competition and released 5 mixtapes, which lead him to rack up over 1-million views on YouTube. Wright wants for people to learn something when they listen to his music by discussing situations that his fans can relate to. “The internet allowed me to see what my music did to people – I like being able to see the response. When you rap, you have a voice and this is how I balance my thoughts,” says Wright.

In November 2011, Wright signed to Funk Volume after being discovered at the Sheikh Music “Rip the Mic” Competition in 2010. Impressed by his smooth flow, confident stage presence and energy that won over the crowd, Funk Volume knew he was a special talent and would be valuable addition to the team. On the heels of his latest mixtape “Soul Searchin’ Next Level,” Wright will release “Smoke Out Conversations” on February 20th, and says the tape was inspired by Don Miguel Ruiz’s widespread book, “The Four Agreements.” “I live the four agreements …. The first agreement is be impeccable with your word. People will learn something from this mixtape.”

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Chaka Demus & Pliers Mon, 16 Mar 2015 18:31:19 +0000 aaron Friday, May 15th
w/ The Transcendentals, RMV
Doors: 7 p.m. || Show: 8 p.m.
18 and up || $20: Advance || $25: Day of Show
*$2: fee for minors at door

Winners Splash Promotions presents...

Chaka Demus & Pliers

Facebook | Video

Jamaican duo, made up of DJ John Taylor (Chaka Demus) and singer Everton Bonner (Pliers). Both members were already established musicians when they teamed up in the early 90s. They were the first Jamaican act to score three consecutive Top 5 hits on the UK Single Charts.

Jamaica’s reggae legends Chaka Demus and Pliers.
They are best known for their massive hits in the ‘90s - as well as the UK number 1 album “Tease Me” – and Chaka’s collaborations with Yellowman. The duo have been alighting dance floors now for over 20 years so this is not a night to miss!

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Falling In Reverse Mon, 16 Mar 2015 16:58:13 +0000 aaron Sunday, May 31st
Door: 6:30 p.m. || Show: 7:30 p.m.
ALL AGES || $22: Advance || $25: Day of Show
Tickets On-Sale Friday, March 20th @ 10 a.m.

Falling In Reverse

Website | Facebook | Video

Fact: the most engaging, most electric artists will always generate the most visceral reaction. Loved, hated, ridiculed, admired, Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke is the rare rock n’ roll provocateur whose unpolished unpredictability and reckless honesty make him equal parts hero and villain, depending on whom you ask. Radke puts it all on the line, take it or leave it, each and every time Falling In Reverse does anything.

"Just Like You" finds Falling In Reverse’s leader with no shortage of material to sing, scream and howl about. In the roughly two years since "Fashionably Late", Radke lost a close family member (faced head-on with the tear-jerking album closing ballad, “Brother”), watched old friends succumb to old vices (look no further than the first track, “Chemical Prisoner”), and struggled with his lifelong search for meaning (“God if You Are Above…” is as real as it gets, kids) and search for personal redemption.

Just as Pinocchio became a real boy, Falling In Reverse is a real band. Emerging guitar hero Jacky Vincent throws down a vicious, Joe Satriani-inspired shred all over their songs; rhythm guitarist Derek Jones injects the band with the strength of crunch that only comes from touring as a metalcore vet. Jovial everyman drummer Ryan Seaman, whose resume reads like an Epitaph catalog, lays back in the cut like the guys in classic hard rock bands of the ‘70s yet pulls off double bass and crazy fills with equal skill.

“God, If You Are Above” rocketed to #1 on the iTunes Rock chart within hours of its release and with good reason. It’s got an energized, emotive drive reminiscent of “Situations” (the best known song from Radke’s tenure in Escape The Fate which has been viewed 44 million times on YouTube) but updated with the experience, charisma and perspective of the singer’s more well rounded modern persona; the song is naturally topped off by a reliably scorching Jacky Vincent solo. The playful innuendo is still there, in party songs like “Sexy Drug” and the album’s title track, “Just Like You,” with it’s over-the-top, hilariously brave refrain: “I am aware that I am an asshole!”

Falling In Reverse’s debut album, "The Drug in Me is You" was a vivid, self-deprecating, raw document of frontman Radke’s turbocharged life till that point, delivered with a clever wordplay acting as harbinger for the mixtape rhymes that were to come. Now, the appropriately titled "Just Like You" draws together all of the first two albums strengths.

In 2014, only Motörhead legend Lemmy edged out Radke on Kerrang!’s list of the 50 Greatest Living Rockstars in the World, a lineup that included the likes of Slash, Steven Tyler and Ozzy Osbourne. Ronnie Radke is the world’s Greatest Living Rockstar, aside from freakin’ Lemmy, according to the UK’s biggest rock mag.

Radke’s aesthetic is so coveted he spends significant “free time” overseeing clothing design and fulfillment for HOOD$ UP, the Falling In Reverse frontman’s apparel endeavor. Self-empowerment, secret societies and a bizarre amalgamation of esotericism and West Coast gangsterism collide in HOOD$ UP, that transcends “brand” as much as the guys in Falling In Reverse have managed to agitate and captivate more than a “band.”

As unscrupulous imitators play catch-up with the look, sound and feel of Falling In Reverse, the band soldiers on, blazing new pathways and bridging the gap between brutal metal and pop rock.

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Riff Raff Thu, 12 Mar 2015 15:45:32 +0000 aaron Sunday, April 12th
Doors: 7 p.m. || Show: 8 p.m.
ALL AGES || $30: Advance || $35: Day of Show

Riff Raff

Website | Facebook | Video

RiFF RAFF’s videos have garnered more than 50 million views on YouTube, he boasts a million Twitter followers and is finishing a 22 city headline tour across the US, all leading up to his rookie studio album, NEON iCON.

The Houston, Texas rapper’s seemingly incessant musical and visual output and wild social presence have brought the anticipation for NEON iCON through the roof. Executive produced by Diplo and Derek “DJA” Allen, NEON iCON boasts a top notch series of featured artists including Mac Miller, Childish Gambino, Mike Posner, Amber Coffman, and Houston’s own Paul Wall & Slim Thug. Along with the wide variety of guests, there are tracks from heavy hitting producers Diplo, Harry Fraud, DJ Mustard, DJA, Raf Riley and more.

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Private Event Tue, 10 Mar 2015 18:45:55 +0000 aaron Thursday, May 14th

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Lincoln Arts Expo 2 Tue, 10 Mar 2015 18:44:08 +0000 aaron Friday, May 1st
Doors: 7 p.m. || Music: 8 p.m.
18 and up || $5: Advance || $10: Day of Show
* $2: fee for minors at door

I'm pleased to announce the second Lincoln Arts Expo! Hosted by the Bourbon Theatre, the art expo will feature MANY different art vendors and artists themselves selling their work and performing live! The night will also feature live performance art as well as musical acts throughout the night.

There is a lot of work going into this night, please save the date and check back to this event page for more info!!

If you're an artist and would like to get involved, please message me asap as we do have a limited amount of space still available! LAST CALL FOR ADDITIONAL ARTISTS JAN 31ST. Please have anyone get at me as I'd love to involve as many artists as I can! ♥ - Travis Blac

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Backpack in Black Tue, 10 Mar 2015 18:36:22 +0000 aaron Thursday, April 16th
Doors: 9 p.m.
18 and up || $8: Students || $12: Non-Students

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Waka Flocka Flame Tue, 10 Mar 2015 17:03:37 +0000 aaron Monday, April 27th
Doors: 7 p.m. || Show: 8 p.m.
All Ages || $25: Advance || $60: VIP

VIP Tickets Include:
- Meet & Greet prior to doors (TIME TBD)

Waka Flock Flame

Website | Facebook | Video

I never in my life wanted to rap. Let me quote that sh*t now.—Waka Flocka Flame on his 2009 debut mixtape, Salute Me or Shoot Me, Vol. 1

Waka Flocka Flame didn’t want to be a rapper when he grew up. He didn’t want to write hit songs, perform in front of thousands of people at packed clubs or hear his songs played on radio stations across the country. But more than a year after bursting onto the scene with his debut single, “O Let’s Do It,” the Atlanta rapper has managed to make more of an impact on the music industry than most rappers who have spent their entire lives trying to do it. And thanks to an influential cosign from fellow ATLien Gucci Mane, and a string of chart-topping singles, including the remix to “O Let’s Do It,” featuring Rick Ross and Diddy, and his latest hit, “Hard In Da Paint,” it doesn’t look like Waka Flocka is ready to quit rapping anytime soon.

“I never dreamed I would be doing what I’m doing today,” says Waka, who earned his unique nickname from a cousin when he was younger while they were watching an episode of Jim Henson’s classic puppet show, The Muppet Show (he later added the “Flocka Flame” to the end of it at the suggestion of Gucci Mane). “I never imagined I’d become a rapper, let alone a successful rapper.”

Born Juaquin Malphurs in Queens, N.Y., Waka Flocka certainly had all the connections to forge into music at a young age. He grew up around the corner from Murda Inc. recording artist Ja Rule, lived near LL Cool J’s grandmother and even had a cousin who used to hang around the popular group Lost Boyz in the mid-1990s. But when his mother Debra Mizay—now the CEO of artist management group Mizay Entertainment—relocated the family to Riverdale, Georgia when Waka was 11, he shied away from music and instead focused on his love for basketball. And after his youngest brother died in automobile accident when Waka was just 14, he moved even further away from it, instead opting to spend his time running the streets of Atlanta with his friends.

“That whole period of my life really messed with my head,” says Waka. “I ain’t even gonna lie—it killed me as a man. But it also made me stronger as a man in the future.”

At 18, Waka looked on as his mother began managing the career of Gucci Mane, who had established himself as a force to be reckoned with in Atlanta at the time by performing relentlessly throughout the South. Within two years, Waka began messing around with music himself alongside local producer Tay Beatz, who helped him shape his rambunctious personality on the microphone. “I was going through so much at the time,” says Waka. “I had so much stress and so many issues. I couldn’t release my emotions physically, so releasing them verbally was the only option I had.”

The result was Waka’s 2008 mixtape, Salute Me or Shoot Me, Vol. 1, featuring the trap anthem, “O Let’s Do It,” a song that caught on instantaneously in the A and quickly spread to other parts of the country. It allowed Waka to take his show on the road and also earned him a coveted slot in Gucci Mane’s 1017 Brick Squad clique. “Gucci and them were kind of shocked,” says Waka, “because nobody really knew I was rapping and then, all of a sudden, I had the biggest song in the South.”

But all the sudden success also took its toll on Waka. In January 2010, he was shot several times at a car wash in Atlanta during an alleged robbery attempt. The following month, legendary East Coast artist Method Man was doing an interview on satellite radio and spoke out against Waka, criticizing the lack of lyricism involved in crafting his style of music. He also endured a short rift in his relationship with Gucci Mane recently after the rapper parted ways with his mother’s management company in May. The incidents earned Waka a reputation as one of the most controversial artists in the industry—a reputation that he doesn’t feel he deserves.

“People have definitely gotten the wrong impression of me so far,” says Waka. “I don’t know why they think I’m so controversial. I guess people just don’t know the real me yet. It’s up to me to change their minds.”

He’s spent the better part of 2010 doing exactly that. Earlier this summer, he released “Hard In Da Paint,” a catchy Lex Luger-produced track that inspired a slew of freestyles by other artists. He also put the finishing touches on his debut album, Flockaveli—the first released through So Icey/Asylum/Warner Bros. Records. Featuring the rowdy intro, “Bustin’ At ’Em,” the strip club anthem, “No Hands,” featuring Roscoe Dash and Wale, and the brutally-honest closing track, “Fuck This Industry,” it promises to be one of the most energetic debut albums of the year.

By naming it Flockaveli, Waka—who calls 2Pac his favorite rapper of all-time—is also doing more than just being controversial for the sake of being controversial. “2Pac introduced me to a guy named Machiavelli,” says Waka. “His back was always to the wall and people threw sticks and stones at him and he had to keeping blocking them. When I recorded this album, that’s how I felt.”

And if anyone doesn’t like it? “I don’t care,” says Waka. “I’m just going to keep on making my music.”

For a guy who claims he never wanted to be a rapper, he’s certainly come around to the idea.

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Lindsay Lowend Tue, 10 Mar 2015 16:43:41 +0000 aaron Thursday, April 30th
Doors: 8 p.m. || Music: 9 p.m.
18 and up || $10: Advance || $12: Day of Show
Tickets On-Sale Friday, March 13th @ 10 a.m.

Facebook | Sounds

What do you get when you mix bass music with jazz fusion and a Super Nintendo? Meet Lindsay Lowend, a 20-year old bass music prodigy from Washington, D.C. Describing his sound as "neon music", this young artist is largely inspired by video games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Beatmania IIDX. His production methods prove to be just as interesting which stem from the demoscene/tracker music scene. While extremely computer and programming driven, each of the tracks on his debut EP pack an enormous amount of soul and depth. He has built his own unique soundscape of bright synthesizers, chords, and melodies overtop very rhythmic and often times unpredictable beats.

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Set Up Shop Vol. 2 Tour Tue, 10 Mar 2015 02:54:45 +0000 aaron Saturday, April 18th
w/ Cham, Wayne Marshall, Jo Mersa, Christopher Ellis, Black Am I
Doors: 7 p.m. || Show: 8 p.m.
All Ages || $15: Advance

Ghetto Youths International, Inc. was founded by Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley in 1989. In 2002, Stephen Marley, Damian Marley and Julian Marley went on to incorporate the family owned record label. Recent projects released by the premiere, reggae and hip-hop oriented imprint include the Grammy award winning and nominated albums by Damian Marley 'Welcome To Jamrock', Stephen Marley’s 'Mind Control' and Julian Marley’s 'Awake'. A catalogue of reggae and hip-hop influenced artists signed to the Ghetto Youths record label include: Stephen Marley, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Julian Marley, Mr. Cheeks, Christopher Ellis, Javaughn, Johnathon Malcolm, Daniel Bambaata Marley, Jo Mersa Marley, Black Am I, Illestr8 and Wayne Marshall.

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Psychedeliciousness Fri, 06 Mar 2015 21:45:31 +0000 aaron Saturday, April 11th
w/ Powerful Science, The Females, Cassandra, Pure Brown, Peter Kapinos
Doors: 8 p.m. || Show: 9 p.m.
$5: 21 and up || $7: 18 and up

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2015 Folk and Roots Festival Launch Party Fri, 06 Mar 2015 21:14:13 +0000 aaron Friday, April 10th
w/ Jack Hotel, Lloyd McCarter, Bud Heavy & the High Lifes, Brad Hoshaw and the Seven Deadlies
Doors: 7 p.m. || Music: 8 p.m.
18 and up || $5 or Free w/ Purchase of All Access Pass
Folk and Roots Festival Tickets:
$15: All Access || $20: After Launch Party
$25: Day of Festival (July 31st - August 1st)

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Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival Fri, 06 Mar 2015 19:44:55 +0000 aaron Sunday, March 15th
Doors: 6 p.m. || Movie: 7 p.m.
All Ages || No Cover

"Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival"
90 Minutes
Not Rated
Directed by Dustin Ferguson

Jennifer Runyon Corman (Ghostbusters, Carnosaur, Charles in Charge), Julia Farrell, Jennii Caroline, Breana Mitchell, Luc Bernier, Jarad Allen, Jeanne Kern, Rich Kern and Pete Lipins

Teaser Trailer

Fangoria Article

Official Synopsis: After a death in the family, siblings Angelica and James Zacherly travel to the small town of East Willard on Christmas Eve to pay their respects. They stay at a homely bed and breakfast where they learn the legend of Black Peter, Santa Claus’ vengeful brother. But when they find the lost journal of Jeffrey Butler, they discover the town has its own sordid history – one more rooted in reality.

When the dark reflection of St. Nicholas emerges and begins to punish the eccentric townsfolk, the visitors find themselves in the middle of the mystery. Who is doing the deeds? Is Black Peter real? Or is the truth closer to home? If they don’t find out and put a stop to it, Christmas Day will turn to Garbage Day while the bodies pile up in a bloody heap.

This is an official follow-up to the 1974 proto-slasher directed by Theodore Gershuny, directed by cult filmmaker Dustin Ferguson.

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Goodlife Country Jam Thu, 05 Mar 2015 00:46:15 +0000 aaron Friday, April 24th
w/ Dylan Bloom Band, Emmett Bower Band, Tim Zach & The Whiskey Bent Band, Evan Bartels and the Stoney Lonesomes, Gabe Nelson, Boots and Cats (A Capella)
Doors: 7 p.m. || Show: 8 p.m.
18 and Up || $10: Advance
$12: 21 and Up Day of Show || $14: 18 and Up Day of Show

Dylan Bloom Band

Emerged from a small farm town along the Platte River, the Dylan Bloom Band is now based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. Their heartland themed songs are sweeping across the midwest where audiences immediately connect with the honest lyrics and small town anthems that make up Dylan’s first album “Strong In A Small Town” released in 2012.

From Dylan Bloom Bands first studio effort, the song “Turn The Radio Up” began receiving local and national air play to the extent of being the most requested song of 2013 at 106 Kix in northeast Nebraska. This fast growing fan support gave the band momentum to start putting miles down and performing shows of their original music on bigger and bigger stages. After steadily covering over half a dozen states on a regular basis, the band is drawing large crowds and delivering a high energy show of midwest country rock.

In late 2014, Dylan Bloom Band released their new single “Fall Time” that was recorded in Tyler, Texas with Gabe Guevara and Hayden McMullen of the well known Texas band JB & The Moonshine Band. They have a nomination for Best Country Act from the Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards and on the move to record a new set of road tested songs, perform twice as many shows, and put on more than twice as many miles rolling into 2015.

Emmett Bower Band

We're the Emmett Bower Band, and we're a pretty solid group of righteous dudes from Nebraska. Also, we're pretty epic. Here's why.

In 2010, mild-mannered Jeffrey Emmett Bower was recording a small studio project under the direction and guidance of drummer and sound engineer Matty Sanders. Fiddler and innocent bystander Josh Rector was called in to play on a single recording when the unexpected occurred ...

What started off as a simple musical experiment resulted in a freak scientific accident that imbued Jeffrey with superhuman abilities, such as being able to fly faster than a speeding earthworm, to crush tall beer cans with a single bound, and most importantly, to start a pretty kickass rock and roll band: thus, the Emmett Bower Band was formed.

Nearly four years and two albums later, the high performance caliber of the Emmett Bower Band is still a testament to its home-grown roots; the truck and trailer hauling the powerful five-piece electric collaboration still hearkens to the days of just a guitarist and a fiddler in a tiny Jeep. The addition of Troy Johnson (bass) and "Guitar George" Laughery (guitars) enhances both of those qualities, making EBB an outfit that permeates generational gaps and shatters the limitations set by both modern and traditional country music.

Along with boasting a wide repertoire of original music and cover songs at shows across Nebraska and beyond, we've also shared the stage with acts such as Jason Boland, Gloriana, Whiskey Myers, Randy Rogers, Thomas Rhett, Jon Pardi, Roger Creager, Bart Crow, Jackson Taylor, Sonia Leigh, No Justice and more!

Additionally, our original music is celebrated on central Nebraska radio, with songs like "Lakin'" and our newest single "The Main Attraction" gaining more and more attention as the weeks go by.

So, like I said ... we're pretty epic. And sure, we like to tell completely true tall-tales and embellish ourselves like any other person would. That doesn't make us any less epic, though.

But don't take our word for it - come see it for yourself, and bring your friends. Take pictures. Make memories. Fall in love. Do whatever it is you do. When the boat rocks, the band rolls ... so you do you, and we'll do you, too.

Tim Zach & The Whiskey Bent Band

The Whiskey Bent Band is a five-man country rock band based in central Nebraska recognized for its high-energy shows, tight instrumentals and front man Tim Zach’s strong baritone vocals.

In addition to Zach, Whiskey Bent is made up of Jeff Westwood (guitar), Jeff Wilson (drums), Joe Parr (guitar, mandolin, harmonica) and John Victory (bass). Combined, the band has more than 80 years of experience in the music business.

Formed in 2009, Whiskey Bent writes and performs its own music and covers a variety of top artists that include Eric Church, Toby Keith, Jake Owen, Gary Allan and Johnny Cash.

One of the most sought-after club bands in the Midwest, Whiskey Bent is a regular on the summer county fair and country music festival circuit, including the popular Kicker Country Stampede in Manhattan, Kans.

Whiskey Bent is known for its 2012 debut single “On The River” as well as fan favorites “Every Bar’s Got One” and “Gettin By.”

The band released its first full-length album in 2014, which includes eight original songs.
Whiskey Bent has opened or played alongside national acts such as Clay Walker, Rodney Atkins, Trent Tomlinson, Emerson Drive, Collin Raye, Justin Moore, Ronnie Milsap, Casey Donahew Band, The Lost Trailers, Jerrod Niemann and Jake Owen.

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“We Are Karma” Benefit Show Wed, 04 Mar 2015 23:48:15 +0000 aaron Friday, April 3rd
Doors: 8 p.m. || Show: 9 p.m.
18 and up || $6: Advance || $8: Day of Show

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Jucifer Wed, 04 Mar 2015 23:38:43 +0000 aaron Thursday, March 26th
w/ Vickers, Feral Hands
Doors: 8 p.m. || Show: 9 p.m.
18 and up || $8: Advance || $10: Day of Show


Website | Facebook | Music

Jucifer, founded in Georgia in 1993, are pioneers of the sludge / doom metal two piece. They are notorious for their use of massive amplification, and for their entirely nomadic lifestyle.

Jucifer has spent all year, every year on the road since moving into their tour vehicle 12 years ago.

They typically utilize a wall of speakers approximately 10 feet high and 15 feet wide.

The band has performed steadily and released albums through the 90's and 00's on both major and indie labels as well as recently founding their own Nomadic Fortress label which is distributed by Relapse.

During the 90's Jucifer was based in Georgia, but in 2001 moved permanently into their tour vehicle. They have lived entirely on wheels for the decade since and have stated that this nomadic life was undertaken to facilitate playing "as many shows as we possibly can". Their endless tour typically covers 20 or more countries each year.

Jucifer shows are known for being extremely heavy and loud, blending elements of sludge, doom, black metal, death metal, thrash, crust, grind, drone, and noise with occasional melodic passages. Performances are ritual and cathartic, and frequently include improvised sections between or even during the songs. The guitar is downtuned to various non-standard tunings, which lends an unexpectedly pleasing quality to the high volume employed.

Jucifer has expressed distaste for conforming to a genre but has invented names to describe their blend of styles including "deathdrone" "blackcrust" and "grindgaze".

Jucifer's live sound has been compared to Celtic Frost, Melvins, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Necrophagia and Napalm Death, as well as bands of their own generation (Jesus Lizard, Darkthrone, Neurosis, Morbid Angel, Harvey Milk, Electric Wizard, Eyehategod, Acid King) and younger groups Lightning Bolt and Sunn0))).

Because of their knack for odd compositions and onstage improvisation, some have also likened Jucifer shows to the work of Miles Davis and John Zorn.

Jucifer's albums are impressively diverse, though often not representative of their core sound. 2010's 'Throned In Blood' album was the first full length to draw almost entirely from this core, but its sparse production (planned to sound "old school" according to the band) fails to do justice to their massive tones live.

In October 2011 the reissued 1994 EP 'Nadir' was released for digital download by Grindcore Karaoke, J. Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed digital-only label.

LP version of 'Nadir' was released in October 2012 by Mutants of the Monster, the new label run by Christopher "C.T." Terry of the band Rwake and filmmaker / video editor /metalhead David Hall (Maryland Deathfest The Movie DVD series, vinyl from Rwake, Surachai, Tellusian, and Biipiigwan). Mutants of the Monster is distributed by Sony RED.

July 17, 2013 saw the release of Jucifer's eighth studio album 'за волгой для нас земли нет'. A second CD pressing was issued in November 2013.

Gatefold double LP of 'за волгой для нас земли нет' was also released in November via Alternative Tentacles.

'за волгой для нас земли нет' made several "best of 2013" lists including iTunes, NPR Music, and artist lists by members of Fuck The Facts, SubRosa and Deafheaven.

Throughout 2013 the band's "Twenty Years Slaying Ears" tour traversed North America, Europe, Russia, and Scandinavia.

Jucifer's endless tour continues with U.S. dates already completed during early 2014 as well as a mainstage appearance at England's Temples Festival in May alongside Neurosis, Brutal Truth, Electric Wizard, Clutch and Gehenna.

Jucifer is in the process of recording for several side projects as well as their next album planned for early 2015 release.

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Twiztid: The Back to Hell Tour Tue, 03 Mar 2015 15:47:08 +0000 aaron Monday, May 4th
w/ Kung Fu Vampire, Davey Suicide, The Damn Dirty Apes, Kissing Candice
Doors: 7 p.m. || Show: 8 p.m.
ALL AGES || $22: Advance || $27: Day of Show


Website | Facebook | Video

Twiztid is an American hip hop duo from Detroit, Michigan. Formed in 1997, Twiztid is composed of Jamie Spaniolo and Paul Methric, who perform under the respective personas of Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child. Spaniolo and Methric are former members of the group House of Krazees, which disbanded in 1997 a year after Jamie and Paul left.

Twiztid performs a style of hardcore hip hop known as horrorcore, and have released nine studio albums, nine EPs, seven compilations, and one mixxtape. Twiztid signed to Psychopathic Records in 1997, and left the label December 12, 2012. September 12, 2014, InGrooves released its upcoming "New Release Packet" for October and it was announced that their new label will be called Majik Ninja Entertainment.

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